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Murakami's 'Portraits in Jazz' collection Jun. 10th, 2006 @ 01:05 pm
Hello everybody!

I'm collecting albums described in Murakami's 'Portraits in Jazz' (CD-reissue or vinil rips). This project is located at http://portraits-in-jazz.mylivepage.com/ Read more...Collapse )
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GIANT ROBOT MAGAZINE Jul. 26th, 2005 @ 10:23 am
Does anyone have Issue 33 of Giant Robot magazine Issue 33 2005...and would be willing to send it to me/trade for something?
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Tokyo Decadence Jul. 20th, 2005 @ 08:43 am
Hi, I'm new in this community but I was hoping someone could help me remember a movie title. It came out a few years ago, was set in Tokyo, and had a number of story lines running through it. One was about a young middle eastern laborer trying to save money up to go home. Eventually he shoots/murders his middleman who is trying to rip him off. Another was about an old woman going blind and trying to navigate around the city (the main metaphor I think). That'a about all I can remember. Any ideas?

Also, what did you guys think of Tokyo Decadence? In light of this new Sean Lennon effort (scary!) how did Murakami do on his own in your opinion? Thanks!

introduction post Jan. 1st, 2000 @ 09:01 am

Hi there everyone. I decided to join this community because currently my favourite author is Ryu Murakami... with Haruki Murakami trailing closely behind. First I want to apologize for my bad grammar... I'm still learning English. ^__^

My favourite books from those amazign authors are Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World, and Coin Locker Babies. In the latter, my favourite character is Hashi, because his mournfully tragic life reminds me of myself when I feel like wanting to be accepted by everyone. The depth of these books is something that always make me flinch when I'm about to open the next page, creating a certain anxiety of how my beloved character will suffer again as the story flows.

I'm not at all over with the solemn aura of Coin Locker Babies yet (I just read it for the second time a few days ago), but I want to ask your advices of other great books. Maybe you have some idea of what book I should read this holiday?

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Mar. 25th, 2005 @ 11:49 pm
Hi, this is my first post here.
I'm a huge fan of Murakami Ryu, but I've read everything translated of his I can get my hands on. So I decided to move to the other Murakami, simply because everyone always compares and contrasts Haruki and Ryu. I bought and read my first Haruki novel, Norwegian Wood after a hour or so of contemplation in Border's. I couldn't figure out which one of his books to buy as an introduction, so I did the 'open various ones up to differnt parts and see which one grabs you best' thing. And I think I may have made a mistake choosing Norwegian Wood as the first book of his to read. Not to say I didn't like it, but after reading it I wasn't any closer to understanding the large reputation he holds.
I've heard you have to choose the RIGHT book at the RIGHT time in order to really like Murakami Haruki, but no one ever says WHAT book that is or WHAT time it should be.
Basically, I really want to like Murakami Haruki, but I think my choice in introductions was poor. Which book of his would you reccommend to the reader who prefers a less-traditional writing style (as opposed to the style of Norwegian Wood)?
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» (No Subject)
I have gotten really into Haruki Murakami and read almost all of his work. It's made me think that I really ought to check out more Japaneese novels. Any recommendations of where to start?
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any thoughts on being yukio mishima
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no disrespect to YM BTW...
» (No Subject)
Hello everyone-- I need some objective advice. I'm assuming quite a few of you have read "confessions of a mask", my ex-boyfriend told me to read it to understand him better. But let me go back, we were two crazy kids abounding in love, both of us having out own special neurosises. He went to the windy city for college and I in the mile high city. After about 3 months i was going mad without him I couldn't hold myself together and i know it was a somewhat mutual psychologically tormenting parting. I finally broke it off with him assuming that i may get along better to start anew. I told him a concoction of lies hoping that it would make the break less hard (stupid girl right?) Anyway, i did go on and grew and learned a lot obout myself as a person, sober for once. And i met a new boy. this new boy recently proposed to me although we wouldn't be married for a least three years. Contenplating his proposal i went back home and surprisingly my former love was also in town. I met him and a flood of emotions rushed back (at this point we had not seen or spoken to each other in almost 2 years). I wanted nothing more than to hold his hand and breath in deep his scent. With him i was content. he is the only one i ever seriously contemplated marriage and children however knowing that would make his bones shudder. I recenly asked him if we could ever be together again and didn't recieve a very direct answer. He told me to wait for the holidays. It puts me in a rather demeaning position however i really don't care. In the same reply he told me to read "confessions of a mask" saying that i am not Sonoko and he is not the narrartor. Seeing past the sexual orientation of the narrator i can see many parallels with us but it is all still ambiguous to me. Can anyone give me some postmodern advice for a postmoden girl with a heavy heart?
» In The Miso Soup
Hey everyone. Just stumbled onto this community and thought I'd become a member and do some posting. Anyway, what spurred me to actually post right away was Ryu Murakami's newest novel (or at least newest in terms of most recent work translated into English), "In The Miso Soup". Not to be trite or general, but whenever people ask me what the book is about, my first response comes in the form of something like "It's a cross breed between 'American Pyscho' and 'Heart of Darkness' and a little bit of 'Sleeping Beauty'." The Sleeping Beauty part is just me being an asshole. But I think the rest of the description, albeit grand and a bit generalized, is somewhat applicable. But honestly, I felt that the novel is somewhat lacking, and in the end, I just felt a bit blugeoned but without purpose or regard to reason. I understand where Murakami is coming from, but I still felt an inexplicable sentiment of incompletion. It's almost as if the book is more like a skeleton, err rough draft, of an idea rather than a complete ensemble of thought, motivation and precision. To this day, I'm still wholly partial to "69", although I know many people hate that book, at least the people that I know who have read it. I digress. What do you guys think of "In The Miso Soup"?
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